Oh my gosh – its hard to believe we are almost done with 2016. With that being said as always I am so grateful for our constant growing group of clients (you know your family) that continue to refer us to everyone they know and hire us to handle the sale and purchase of your homes.
Gosh we love you – honestly,  We feel so blessed to get to meet your family, Learn about you and your history. Helping you buy and sell a home is just the biggest thing we do, however we love helping you achieve and find things, a new career,a soccer team for your child, a hairdresser, and a plumber. We are here!
Big news – you are going to be getting calls from the team over the next month. We are going to be asking for your help. Our team wants to help 248 families next year buy or sell a home. To accomplish that we hope that we can count on each one of you to refer us someone. Can we count on you?
In return, we promise to give them the best experience possible. We will anticipate their needs before they happen. Plus invite them into our family of fun events.
Now for those of you that choose to help us – we are implementing a VIP program – be on the lookout for more details! We are upping our game because we know you are going to be huge for us this next year.
Refer to page 2 on how you can help us.
Suits family update. Its been a doozy of a month. Stomach bug, dryer out, hot water heater gone, Jeff’s a/c in the car……so that has been the tough part. Now let me tell you about some fun things.
1. Jeff and I attended Parenting unscripted at Buckhead Church about dealing with middle school age children. WOW that was great. If you would love to grab coffee or go to lunch happy to share my insight or cry with you.
2. We did not have to attend soccer in Orlando for Thanksgiving this year for the first time since I can remember. We went with Jeff’s whole side of the family to Dollywood – again WOW. So much fun – largest, fastest wooden roller coaster in the USA. We were lucky we left before the fires go there – and now continue to pray for the area.
3. The Suits family has really stepped up on our volunteering and getting the kids involved. I love to help people and want the same spirit to grow in the kids and that is tough in today’s world. Again if ever want to grab lunch or coffee and talk about giving back – I am always open.
4. Lindsey will be in Orlando for New Years for soccer, Hunter is on the swim team at Wesleyan (proud of him for doing – even though he dabbed in a race and got disqualified). Abbey and Mallory finished their first half of season of travel soccer and our playing church basketball. I can’t believe I am going to let abbey do gymnastics in January – but she has begged! Most exciting is our whole family will travel to St.Louis to see my first niece get married. Can’t Wait.
I truly pray that your family has a incredible holiday – whether that is Christmas, Hanukkah or just some time off from work. I believe that if everyone would treat one another with kindness we could all make a difference. Thank you for your kindness to my team by trusting us to handle your real estate needs. We are always here to help you – just a phone call, text or email away!
You said you would help – here is how
1. Anytime you hear of someone talking about making a change – job, school etc. ask if they are going to be moving and say I want to have my real estate team give you a call (even a consult is worth our time)
2. You here your neighbor saying they are moving – same line from above
3. Who do you know in Human Resources or high executive and a company that moves people in or out of Atlanta (even if only 1 a year) We can help them from a legality, tax and manuals and procedures aspect. Invaluable!
4. Your company is hiring – ask if they are looking at people from out of state – we are always happy to show potential candidates around the city.
5. Anyone in your family is moving, Even if not in Georgia we can help them across the country.
6. You hear of someone wanting a beach house, mountain house ski house.
7. You hear of someone wanting to buy rental property, Flip property.
8. You hear of someone wanting to get in to the field of real estate.
9. You know of someone thinking about moving or putting home on the market in the spring – we need to talk to them now.
10. You see a for sale by owner sign go up – send us address and phone number (there are not a lot because they don’t get top dollar -, however we want to know of them.
11. You see a home sitting and sitting on market – not selling and they are complaining about their real estate agent. Suggest a change for them and have them call us – we can’t call them.
12. You know of someone elderly or who has passed and will need to sell their property. I have a passion for seniors and estates and trust me they are in the best hands with The Suits Team.
13, If you know someone you think we should know introduce us to them. The more people we know, the more people we help and the happier we are in making Atlanta a big city with small town feel.