Yes it is the holiday season and I love it! I recently saw a post about a brutally honest Christmas card and I thought I would do the same. So here goes:

  1. Putting up the Christmas decorations was just a pain this year! All the kids keep asking about them and then once we start hauling everything up from the basement, they scatter. They left the living room a complete disaster until I finished the job. Christmas lights are clearly only made to last one year because every time I pull them out to add to the greenery, the lights are out. Ughhh.
  2. Now let’s talk Christmas lists. Don’t you remember the days when you wanted a new coat and your parents would say “you have to wait until Christmas”, and you did. Now Christmas is all year long so my kids can barely come up with anything. Yet, if we decide we are going to do a family trip or something else in lieu of presents, they complain.
  3. All Jeff really wants is Georgia to win (so do I). However, that is financially draining and time consuming.
  4. All my kids talk about is wanting to be out of school for break. My inner monologue shouts “You were just out for Thanksgiving.” They also complain about the studying and exams. I keep explaining that if they didn’t have their headphones on listening to music while they were studying, they might remember something on test day.
  5. Another fabulous thing about this time of year is traffic. Jeff and I are still driving our kids all over creation while 1/2 of Atlanta is shopping and not working. Then 6pmon Friday night, one of my kids wants to go to Avalon and then  be picked up 2.5 hours later. Yes, that is exactly what I wanted to do on my Friday night: be an Uber driver.
  6. I also love when people tell you how they are totally done with all their shopping and decorating. You know what that means to me? They got better deals on things than I will but they will end up spending extra money because that’s when you look under the tree and think, did I get enough? You end up spending more. That is a no for me because I am still shopping on the 23rd. Mostly due to the fact that I am still working.
  7. Now you know how much I love my job and we are the team that never stops working for you, seriously. However, I have to laugh when I talk to people that say “I will be done working from Dec 18 through Jan 5”. Are you a student? You get a Christmas break? I am always stunned. In our business, this is when a lot of folks are on break so they like to talk about buying and selling. So, we are happy to help and we are working for our clients the entire break! .
  8. Now lets talk NYE and Goal Planning. I love setting goals! However, when Jan 1rolls around and you are in sales it feels like ground hogs day. You start all over again at zero. Now lucky for me,  I know you are all putting on your new years resolution list that you are going to send us 1 referral or more this year! Do you know that we send fun thank you gifts for those referrals? We invite you to fun events for you, your family and friends. Plus, we are constantly looking out for your wealth in real estate opportunities.


Well, that is enough of my sarcasm. I want you to always know that my team and I cover all areas of Atlanta. That is why we keep growing. We are here to help you, your friends, coworkers , neighbors and family with creating wealth in real estate and life changes. Always give us a shot to earn your business. I can tell you with 100% certainty that no one will work harder for you and care more than us .


~Madalyn Suits