While not all counties enforce the same ordinances, the following list of rules make for responsible pet ownership:


  1. Leash Law: pets must be confined to your property or, when outside of your property, put on a leash under the control of a competent person.
  2. Rabies Vaccinations and Licenses: required for all dogs and cats older than 3 months and must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.  Pets should always wear its rabies/license around its neck.
    1. Cruelty Laws: It is unlawful, and punishable by fines and/or  imprisonment, to
  1. Nuisances: It is unlawful to create, maintain, support, aid or continue pet practices including the keeping of diseased animals, barking dogs, unsanitary housing and/or objectionable odors.
  2. Animal Bites: Any cat, dog or other animal which bites must be reported to Animal Control. If a person is bitten then the animal must be quarantined for 10 days and tested for rabies through the state laboratory. 


If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s rights, consult your local county web site or visit


Post provided by: Neel and Robinson