In one regard, I can’t believe the Summer is almost over. In another, can school please start asap? It has been a busy, busy Summer…On all accounts.

Unlike our usual beach vacation time in July, this year we decided to go immediately after school let out in May. The weather was perfect. This was the kids’ first time to the Gulf that they can remember and really loved it–until the algae came in and everyone got green goo everywhere.

I took the kids to Chicago to see my family for a long weekend. My uncle got married, and my grandmother is almost 91. She is healthy, driving, and still living by herself!

Madalyn and I had an awesome few days in San Antonio, TX at a conference. It was literally the best 3 day course I think I have attended. For those of you that regularly attend educational classes, conferences etc, you know they all start blending together and you leave feeling like you want more meat out of the class! This was the perfect scenario. It was a lot about energy, mindset, and the best way to communicate with clients and frankly, anyone. I am hoping to step up my game and apply what I learned with my kids for starters!

Jay and I escaped to a wedding in San Francisco with family too. It was his first time getting to California, and my second time to San Francisco. If I could bottle up the weather and bring it back life would be perfect. We stayed in a quaint little town call Lafayette just outside the city. We took a 9 mile bike tour near the Bay one day. We rode over the Golden Gate bridge and down a windy road into Sausalito. During our bike ride we witnessed a rarity–a huge whale in the Bay! We concluded the trip with an outing to Sonoma getting a VIP tour of a winery.

While I don’t feel I have gotten my fair share of the pool or beach this Summer, I can tell it is time for my kids to go back to school. There comes that time when they start bickering and misbehaving and you know they are lacking the structure and social aspect that they need! What I have enjoyed is my kids actually sleeping in on Summer mornings–which is a first! Isaac has been pretty low key with activities, and Emery has been going to her 3 hour gymnastics lessons twice a week. Come on Georgia gymnastics scholarship!! Despite Emery’s one cheer camp, we elected to not do camps this Summer and instead have Nanny and pool time!

Repeatedly year after year, the real estate market simmers toward the end of May and beginning of June. This year was outside the norm. Despite my travels, I was working the whole time, and on every trip. No rest for the weary! It means that people are still buying and selling–steadily! Did you know that over 20% of sales this year resulted in 100% or more over asking price? Did you know that Keller Williams Realty out-sells the second place company in sales 3 to 1? Did you know that 1 out of every 3 sales and buys is with a Keller Williams agent? Did you know that average sales numbers are up almost 9% over last year and average sales You deserve the best and so do those that you care about. Don’t you want to go to the best plastic surgeon, the best cancer specialist, the best orthopedic doctor? You deserve the best service and resources when buying or selling a house too. We sell over 100 houses each year. You can trust us.