We got off to a busy start this year and if that is any prediction of how the real estate sales are going to be this year, then it’s good!  I believe with the little uptick in interest rates and the threat of an increase to come, buyers were out in full force.  While there has been a consistent hum of a shift on the horizon, everything we see and hear indicates 2017 will be another strong year.  Sales and prices appreciated around 6-7% from 2015 to 2016.  Again, I will go with my theory, that we are returning to a more normal market.  Inventory will remain low and tough to find.  But not too tough for The Suits Team.  I look at it like a challenge.  Identify the target, and attack!  In all seriousness, you can’t find a harder working team for you–and with care.  We are networking, cold calling, door knocking, you name it to find our buyers’ homes and sell our sellers’ homes for top dollar!

Our family is now in full swing of Spring sports.  Emery is competing in gymnastics and softball.  Isaac has started baseball, Jay is coaching, and I am playing tennis!  We are a competitive little family!  I can barely keep track of two parents in real estate, two kids and all of our schedules.  I think anyone with more than two kids is superhuman to be able to manage and juggle all of this.

I haven’t made it very public, but my 12 year old Maltese Maxwell Cotton (Max) has skin cancer.  How bizarre?  I feel so bad for him because his skin looks terrible.  Fortunately he is still acting the same and eating the same, so the sadness has not set in.  We have started chemo.  The oncologist said that if he responds well he could live up to two more years.  Jay always said he was going to outlive him, but I don’t think so now.  Max has been with me before Jay, and certainly before kids!

Thanks to those of you who joined us at 5 Seasons Brewery for our client appreciation party.  It was very enjoyable catching up with everyone.  Not to mention I love my new beer glass party favor.  Hopefully you can make it to our  Braves game in the new stadium May 7th.  Stay tuned!


~Nina Harris