Where do I start…My kids asked me the other day what has been my favorite thing about Summer so far? I had to laugh, Summer is really no different for me than the rest of the year (except we have to get you to more places!). Sometimes I do feel Summer gives us a little slower pace, not rushing kids to bed or having to get dinner on the table. However, this summer has been nonstop!

Most importantly I want to thank so many of you that donated and supported Hunter’s and my mission trip to Honduras. Yes, I am now your girl for brick & mortar repair or laying concrete flooring. We did a lot of hard work and really enjoyed praying and helping the community and the children. I did feel when it was all said and done that my passion is more helping here in our own communities knowing there are many in need closer to home.


No real vacations this Summer for the Suits Family with work and everyone in so many different directions. However, we did surprise the twins for their 8th Birthday and took them on a Disney Cruise for 3 days. They had no idea what they were doing until they saw the boat! Thefour of us had a great time—I highly recommend it and have the best person to help set it all up if interested.

Real Estate World: The Suits Team has been working all Summer and had one of our biggest May’s in history along with a tremendous June. You know we have big goals this year and NEED your help to get it done. We want to help 200 families buy or sell a home. This means that when we help you or a friend, you need to remember we can also help your mom, dad, cousin, brother, sister not only in Atlanta but anywhere in the country. What co-worker do you know that needs us? Have they complained that their house hasn’t been sold? Their agent has not found them the right house or that they are looking around on their own and getting frustrated?

DON’T MISS THIS: You have a team of 5 working tirelessly for you at ALL times. This is our full-time career. We just sold a listing in 3 days that two other agents were unable to sell in 11 months! We throw fun parties for you and your family, give great housewarming gifts, send baby gifts, and other surprises when a special occasion comes along. You are our family and friends and when you keep us informed about what’s going on in your lives we take care of you not just in Real Estate but in Life.

Its hard to believe school and the craziness of sports season is just 4 weeks away. However, that does mean we are getting closer to Fall weather! I hope you and your families are having a fantastic Summer. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in your life (maybe go out to lunch, need a hug, or prayers). I really mean this…let us know and we will make time for you.—Madalyn