Crazy weather and crazy real estate. First and most important we want to thank all of you (our outside sales force) for all the fabulous referrals and testimonials this past year that allowed us to help 121 families either selling or buying homes last year. Your referrals made us one of the best real estate groups in GA, Tennessee, Alabama and all of Keller Williams Worldwide (see where we ranked inside newsletter). I cannot tell you how much we really love helping folks who move locally, move in or out of GA, buy investment homes, or are looking to get into real estate. My team gets over 90% of our business from past clients, referrals, or repeat business – which makes me feel awesome. Everyone of us works hard to give you all we have and are always looking to improve our service.

With all that being said we need you all to have the biggest mouths ever – and really push hard to refer your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to us. Tell them there is really no one else they need to talk to. You know we will win you big praise for the service we will give them. We have big goals this year and need your help – remember no one succeeds alone.

Honestly it pains me when I hear someone doesn’t have the real estate experience we could have given them..

Market update: We need homes to sell. We spend a big effort to get your homes priced right and in prime condition to get you top dollar. Who do you know who is looking to sell? Who do you know who is looking to buy – Shannon is a machine in showing homes. Nina and I are calling and networking daily to open the market for our buyers. Remember, we work for you!

We also have some exciting news with giving back, fun client events coming up and exciting contest this year with a great prize to the number one referral giver in 2015!

I think we are ready for spring – hope to see you all soon!