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Death and taxes. The only sure things in life but nobody likes either one. The year-long efforts in Congress to reform the federal tax code appear headed for final passage later this month if the House and Senate reconcile their competing bills. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) believes it will happen and is not happy about some of the bills’ provisions (click here if you want to support NAR’s protest). NAR says if passed, these provisions could depress home values by dampening demand.

Let’s take a deep breath for a minute though and – without talking politics – assume that some or all of the provisions that concern NAR make it into the final bill. Will it mean that home prices drop precipitously in 2018 or into 2019 (reforms could go into effect either year depending on which version of the bill passes)? We aren’t convinced, but let’s look at some of the most talked-about provisions related to real estate:

For argument’s sake, let’s suggest tax reform has a net neutral effect on the housing market. As one top-selling Atlanta residential real estate agent of 15 years recently said, “no client of mine has ever based their decision to buy or sell a home based on changes to the tax code.”

Enough about taxes. NAR does have encouraging predictions for 2018 including some trends we have already started to see in Atlanta: