WOW its hot! Outside and in real estate world. I hope everyone has started off a great summer. I know we all appreciate a little less traffic in Atlanta and kids not having homework or having to force the getting to bed issue. I am not sure I feel like summer has started because we are still rushing our kids to camps and Lindsey is playing travel softball all June. Plus the Suits Team is working nonstop to get our clients homes sold and find our buyers homes.

We have been experiencing a handful of hurdles with appraisals and inspections – however that’s what we do, is get our clients through these things to hopefully make the process enjoyable and less stressful (not that moving is ever not stressful).
Our inventory has certainly not increased but we have seen a little bit of slow down, which is typical for June as people go on vacation or just need a little break after a crazy spring. I cannot stress there is not better time to buy or sell. We are seeing interest rates start to raise just a bit and that is expected  to continue. Plus in August we are going to see some lending changes that are going to make closing quickly not possible – so if you are thinking about buying soon – you need to get the process started sooner than later. So what these means is call us and lets sit down to go over your needs and a buyers book. Same with on the selling side – remember your potential buyer is going to take longer to close – which could move your plans back or if the market shifts could be a missed opportunity
Here is our current active inventory, call us 404.419.3550 or email if interested!
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