Maybe it has taken me until recent, but I have now realized that Summer is for the parents, not the children.  We need a break!  A break from the crazy chaos of school schedules, packing lunches, getting up at the crack of dawn, juggling sports, and of course, having to work!

We rounded up the gymnastics season with Emery making it to Regionals.  That means she qualified in the state competition.  I wouldn’t let her go because it was on a Thursday afternoon in Myrtle Beach!  When people tell me how good she is, I answer that I could only hope for her to be a GymDog because that is probably the ONLY way she will get into UGA.

Isaac’s team ended the baseball season in 3rd place.  We lost in the second play off game.  The boys had a great season (Some days they played like a professional team and some days the players were all rolling on the ground!) and Coach Jay is a wonderful coach. I am super proud Isaac tried out and is doing the summer tournament team this June.  And super stressed how I will manage these tournament games with work! Isaac has also been diagnosed with Dyslexia. This was discovered in April, and we are keeping him in public school for now. We are hoping that camp this summer at the Schenck School and doubling up his tutoring will help him make some progress. We’ll re-evaluate next year.

That same day we were supposed to go to Regionals for Emery, we decided to put Max down.  We are at peace with it.  We had time to prepare knowing he had skin cancer but not knowing if the chemo would work. I wouldn’t have put him through the chemo except for the fact that the doctor thought if he responded well, he could live up to two more years. He was great until the end then we knew that he started feeling some pain.  He was my first baby; I actually got Max before I met Jay.  Max was almost 13 and I know he lived a good life. Jay said to me days later that he thought Murphy would like a puppy to play with and that it would probably be good for the kids too.  I told him,  “Good, because I already have a deposit down on an Aussiedoodle!” I am just that crazy and I kid you not, I did this before we knew Max was really sick. And for all of my rescue friends–I am allergic to dogs and even the poodle rescue will not let a family with children take a dog. Isn’t that crazy?

The Suits Team is enjoying this good market, and certainly not taking it for granted.  What goes up must come down.  I believe that we have the best agents, the best intentions, and will do nothing short of giving it all for our clients. Our goal is to help 200 people and/or families move this year. We are almost halfway to our goal. Why? Because of all of our great clients and friends that support us and realize that the best compliment you can give us is to send us a referral. Can you do me a favor?  Can we count on each of you to send us one referral this year?  That’s it. Just one. With that we can focus all of our attention and energy on our clients, where it should be!  You can tell your friends that the Suits Team gets our houses sold for 99.9% of the asking price where as the average in Atlanta is 96.5%.


~Nina Harris