Who else agrees with me? It is full press crazy time! The good thing is that I prefer it this way. I always say May is the busiest month of the year. Kids want to be out of school, sports are at an all time high, real estate is super busy, and then throw in Mother’s Day, a graduation and it’s just hell on wheels!

Suits Family Spring consisted of Lindsey winning the coaches award at Wesleyan for her JV Soccer season, playing 7th inning travel softball (makes for fun Saturdays 9 am-11 pm in random parks) and Concorde RPL heading to state cup in Macon for Memorial day. I know you all wish you could have joined us in Macon for Memorial Day. She has soccer tryouts to do in June plus she made Varsity softball for next year! Hunter finished up Tennis at Wesleyan and we have been on him to hit the books for exams. Abbey finished up her first season of Concorde soccer as a high scorer and loves doing gymnastics at the Peach Pit. Mallory finished up Concorde soccer as a defensive beast, runner up for the softball championship (Shannon’s daughter beat us) and made the all star team. Jeff and I have had no life outside of work and the kids sports. Seriously! We spent our 18th anniversary at Murphey Candler Park watching Softball. We are planning a little 4 day getaway while the kids are at camp this summer. It will be just the two of us and we can’t wait!!

Jeff and Hunter are heading on another mission trip early June with Buckhead Church middle schoolers. Abbey is doing swim team and has a real shot at breaking a couple of pool records. All the kids are ready to be out of school. Jeff and I are most excited that they will be heading to sleep away camp in North Carolina! The 2 older kids will be gone for 4 weeks and the twins for 2 weeks! Ahhhhhh!

The Suits Team hosted 360 clients at our annual braves games. It was our most exciting and largest event to date! We had so much fun, the weather was perfect, the tailgating food/drinks were delicious, and Suits Team sunglasses and koozies could be spotted all over Suntrust Stadium. I Loved seeing everyone. We are literally working like machines selling our listings and helping so many buyers. I figured I would share a quick story. We moved a great family from Mableton to Dunwoody a few years ago so they could be closer to their work. We hooked them up with one of our great contractors and a few years later, they get the call to move to Chicago. So we meet with them to discuss listing their home. Then we get them top dollar before even listing their home. The buyers were one of our clients who wanted to move from Brookhaven to Dunwoody. We then get our client’s home in Brookhaven Under Contract so they could buy the home in Dunwoody. And to top it all off, the timing worked out perfect for all parties. I cannot stress how much we enjoy helping your friends, families and coworkers! We love to welcome them into the Suits Family of Real Estate. Once you are in the family, that means fun events and help making smart financial investments for you and your family. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt, no one goes as above and beyond as The Suits Team does to put your needs first. We care for you like family from the beginning with no end in sight!

Happy Summer! We are here to help all the time!