“Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them.” – Les Brown

2017 is here. However, our team has been contemplating this year for the past few months. At the end of each year, we meet to discuss what we have accomplished and what we wish to accomplish next year. We want to live a life of our own design, not on other’s terms. So after mulling over our vision for ourselves, we each create a Vision Board. This practice helps us see the goals we have set out for ourselves every.single.day. They sit propped up in front of our desks for us to visualize and others to keep us accountable. We love our year end meeting where we get to review our personal vision boards and see what goals we attained and where we could use improvement or a new direction. These boards are intimate to each of us and include personal fulfillment, travel, business, financial, family/relationship, health, and any other goals that we want to achieve in a Gregorian Calendar year.

As our friends and family (you are never just a client to us), we want to share our vision of what we want our year to look like. And we would love for you to keep us enthusiastic and dedicated to our intentions.

Without further ado…..OUR 2017 VISION BOARDS!

Caitlin Knapp




Sarah Panetta




Madalyn Suits




Jay Harris




Nina Harris




Shannon Durieux