I think I am finally realizing that there is no such thing as life slowing down. I was excited for Summer because school was out and we could slow down. Yeah right! Then I was excited to get back to school and have a routine, thinking things would slow down. Yeah right! I have to be careful. I thrive on chaos and go, go, go! But, I always remind myself–my circus, my monkeys. I am really trying to not allow the crazy schedule I create to affect those around me. Maybe Jay calls me a tornado for a reason?

Schools back and giving me a swift kick in the you know what. Love our teachers, and the kids are in great classes. Isaac is really struggling because of his dyslexia. I am very impressed that the teacher has a strategy in place already to help him, and we were able to get his 504c passed. And then Emery. We’ve already had a meeting with the teacher and we are seeing a very familiar pattern…

This parenting and adulting thing is tough. I am thankful that my children are healthy, happy, and our issues are so trivial compared to those with real struggles. It’s all relative, right? The thought that we might have to put two kids in appropriate private schools has my anxiety at an all time high. I am really good at this thing called work. I am not really good with this parenting thing. Prayers are needed that we make the best decisions for our kids and their futures!

Emery told me one day not long ago that she wanted me to have another baby.  I in turn told her, the only baby that would be added to this family, would have 4 legs!! So, what did we do? Welcome our sweet 4 legged Rosie! She is a goldendoodle mixed with a labradoodle. Try explaining that to people! Double doodle? Doodle squared? We’ve never had a girl dog and she is the sweetest–when she’s not peeing on my foot or my favorite pillow! The best part is, Murphy has a constant playdate.

Can we agree that all buyers want is certainty? And the real estate market is largely driven by the media. When all you hear in the media is devastation and tragedy, fueling emotions, it creates uncertainty. Sellers are unsettled.  Buyers are taking longer to make decisions.  We are experiencing a softening in the luxury market. Prices are being reduced and sellers are unsettled. Navigating the market isn’t as easy as some think. Every micro market in Atlanta is different. There is little to no activity in the Chastain Park price range between $1 million-$1.5 million. There are so few showings in north Milton that it will leave you in a cold sweat. What strategy do we utilize to get your home sold in this market? You need us to navigate this real estate market. We are working harder than ever to help our clients WIN. Do you want a team that is reactive, or proactive? As we continue to help so many people buy and sell likely the largest asset they own, we have now grown to better serve everyone we work for.  Welcome Gina and Jason as our newest team members!

~Nina Harris