Happy almost Fall! My favorite time of year! Strictly from a weather and football perspective. You all know I am big on accountability. A few years ago I asked you all to hold me accountable for some things in my life (the more the merrier). One of the big things I struggle with (I know a lot of folks do too) is eating and/or exercise. Well, that is one thing I have really been working hard on. I am proud to report some updates in that area.

1) I work out 4-6x a week super early in the morning so I can knock it out

2) I do bars and shakes during the day to get my metabolism going and top it off with  a healthy dinner.

I am proud to say that I feel really great. Not by choice but because of my busy schedule, I would starve myself and then have a headache when I got home. Now I feel like I actually have lost a few pounds! Now I have to be honest that I still love to eat pizza, burgers etc…but I usually save that for the weekend. I am fortunate that Jeff is an amazing cook! That is a tremendous help because I can come home to delicious and healthy dinners. Plus, I always say I try to challenge myself to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and I did that by joining a running program in Brookhaven called First or Fastest. Don’t fall over! I have now ran 4 weekends in a row and even did a 5.4 mile trail run at Sweetwater Creek ( so cool). I have had to change my thinking to say that I can run.  Wow that feels cool to say.

Enough about me, time to talk about family and real estate. Lindsey had her freshman year homecoming. Oh my, that was a reality check! She is growing up so fast. She got her drivers permit too! Hunter is finishing his cross country season and it has been hot. Abbey and Mallory are playing soccer, basketball and Abbey is cheerleading. Honestly, they are all good! They just deal with the constant struggle of mom and dad yelling at them to clean up, pick up, study and most of all BE NICE TO EACH OTHER!

The Suits Team is growing, as you can see, to service all of your area needs with incredible talent. As always, we can assist you, your family, coworkers, friends in all areas of Georgia and outside of the state. The market did slow down this summer and we have had some struggles with it picking back up due to so many things natural and unnatural going on in our world. With that being said, we are your real estate experts. This is what we do and study all day, everyday. Use us as your resource; not the media, not your friend in the office nor your neighbor. Trust me when I tell you now is the time or now is not the time, what price is realistic or not realistic, and/or what is a good investment or not a good investment. You all know we love and care about you, your family and your referrals. We are not a team that only cares to get paid. You are our sales force and friends on the street and we don’t take that lightly. I am always here to chat whether it be real estate or whatever! Keep those referrals coming

~Madalyn Suits