A tough month for our family. We had the loss of our last grandparent, Jason’s Grandmother, and the kid’s last living great grandparent. She was a very, very special lady to us. Jason and I have been together since high school so Grandma has literally watched me grow. She always welcomed me into her home with open arms. She coached Jason and I through our first home purchase as a real estate broker and retired agent. Her love for real estate was obvious into her last days. She was always up for a good conversation about a great house in a great location. She was the first person I wanted approval from when I decided to get my license. “Be careful what you wish for. Real estate is a 24 hour 7 day a week job.” She was right and her love for real estate rubbed off on me. I loved having lunch with her to talk over my successes and challenges. Her ears were always open. I took for granted just how truly special and needed she was until she was gone. Wow, she will be missed terribly and the reality is still very tender!
The kids…..so many moving parts as always. Alex is preparing for the SSAT. The decision of where he will go to high school is right around the corner. He is doing wonderful and continues to make us proud with great grades and being such a fantastic kid. He is in a leadership role in scouts, just finished up a season of soccer at school and he is about to start basketball at school while continuing with his team at Chamblee Methodist. Andrew is doing great too.  We have some challenges to figure out with tutoring but he continues to push through and be the most kind, loving kid he has always has been. He is also moving right along in scouts as a second year Webelo and is selling popcorn and planning camping trips. I am so, so proud of Mary. We made the tough decision to have her repeat 3rd grade as we moved her over to Intown with the boys this year. With a July birthday and some struggling last year, we thought it was the best decision for her and we were right! She is soaring this year. No more tutoring and her teacher says she is right where she needs to be. We couldn’t agree more!
With all of this going on, some may wonder how Jason and I keep up and maintain full time careers. It is not easy. However, we wouldn’t change a thing. Putting family first and balance is key. With the support of a great team and great clients, I have still been at a rapid pace helping buyers purchase their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd home. Buyers want compassion, patience, stability, and good straight-forward advice. I believe that is what keeps the referrals coming and the new clients happy that they choose The Suits Team. Thank you Liz Dinzeo, Laura Weyhausen, and Kenycia Byrd for your September referrals. You guys are the best!! How can I help you in your life or business?

-Shannon Durieux