Boy, sometimes I eat my words, and I am willing to admit it.  Last newsletter I claimed I realized that Summer was actually for the parents and not the kids.  WE, the parents, need a break.  Break.  Break from what?  I almost think I was busier, crazier, and felt like I didn’t even get a “Summer”.  Who’s with me?  Or, is it that my kids are getting older? So, along with that comes travel sports, necessary school camps for a month long, I don’t know!

All that said, of course we had a great two months.  The only thing missing was a family beach trip, which we are going to make up for over Labor Day weekend in St. Simons.  Isaac played tournament ball.  What an adjustment for the parents and kids.  Nonetheless, we loved it.  We are a true baseball/softball family.  I can’t believe Isaac is starting kid pitch this Fall.  Emery has continued her gymnastics–4 days a week, three hours a day.  That girl…She now can do her back handspring, a kip (I had to YouTube it to see what it was!), and a drop kip.  Super proud.  We managed to sneak away to visit my family in Chicago.  My grandmother is turning 92 so we celebrated her (still living on her own and in perfect health–God Bless!), took the kids up to the top of the John Hancock building,  and visited the Lincoln Park Zoo. Plus, Jay, and I went to RPM Steak with my adult cousins. Yum yum.  My family warms my heart!

I typically say we slow down in real estate because during the Summer, but not this Summer!  22 closings in July certainly was not a slow month!  I think it reiterates what we have been saying for the past few months: We don’t feel the market is shifting, it is normalizing and steady.  This does mean softening in some areas.  We just had our stats meeting for the first half of 2017:

–Sales prices are up 5.3% over 2016

–Sales are up 1.7% over 2016

–Days on market average is 32, and 9 if you price it right!!

Year to date:

–50% of listings fail.  Meaning, they have either taken a price reduction or come off the market.

–Price reductions are up between $300K-1.5 million plus

–Average sale to list price has dropped in the $750K-1.5 million range

–Average days on market are longer between $750K-1.5 million


School is back, football is starting, and the market is hopping.  Who do you know that needs our help?


~Nina Harris