Fall Update From Carrie

The Pumpkin Patch was a great success!!  I cannot thank you enough for coming this year. Some of my clients came from as far as Suwanee and Snellville, GA.  Please know that it really meant a lot to me that so many of you came.  I love our events and getting the opportunity to see you again!

Kate and I joined National Charily League (NCL) this year.  NCL is a charitable, non-profit mother daughter organization.  We have been enjoying giving back to the community together.  This organization also teaches the girls how to become leaders; they require you to take on positions within the organization and guide the girls through the process starting in the sixth grade. She will finish up her senior year ready for college.  We have fed the homeless on several Sundays, cooked brunch at the Ronald McDonald House and will be volunteering at Boo at the Zoo!  Kate and I agree, it feels so good to step out of our bubbles and help others.  It has been a great experience for us and I would be happy to tell you more about this organization if you are interested.  Kate is out of soccer for a couple of weeks as she heals her sprained ankle.  Jack is working on a robot with his VEX Robotics team at Dunwoody High School.  In Vex, the students are told what tasks their robots need to be able to do and then they compete against other teams to complete the most tasks in the shortest amount of time.  The students are given the supplies but create their own robots however they want.  DHS hosted the first VEX competition and Jack’s team came in 4th place.  That is pretty awesome for four freshman boys competing against 100 other high school kids in DeKalb County.  I really love Jack’s passion for creating things.  He always tells me that he wants a career when he is older where he can create things to help people or just make things easier to get through their day.

I have been telling everyone that the word on the street all summer was that interest rates would be going up in the fall. And guess what?  They recently did!  That being said, the rates are still pretty low.  What’s nice about this time of year, is there seems to be a little less competition out there to have to bid against.  We typically stay busy through fourth quarter and keep ramping up into the next year.  I may sound like a broken record, but It’s a great time to buy and sell.  I am here to help you, please let me know what you need help with.

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