Fall 2018 Update from Shannon

Happy fall y’all. Well, almost! Everyone says we have had a mild summer but man has it been hot and humid. I am a summer girl and even I’m ready for some relief.

The kids are back to school in full force! All are happy and have gotten off to a great start. Andrew is in 6th, Mary is in 4th, and Alex is a freshmen at St. Pius. Mary and Andrew still on familiar ground at Intown but Alex has entered the whole new world of high school. He is taking it in stride like true Alex form. I am adjusting to trying to let go and let him find his way. At Intown, he had 3 classes and now he has 7. All communication is straight through the students and not the parents. A good thing but different for this controlling Mom who is used to being in the know and checking then double checking to make sure he gets everything done. Andrew now gets to play middle school sports so he is playing soccer for Intown. Alex is staying after everyday for weight training and conditioning for upcoming basketball tryouts. Mary is deep into fall softball.

Jason and I are hanging on for dear life trying to keep up! I have had a personal family situation going on that I feel has brought me to my knees over the past month. However, I am trying to turn it over to God and know that He is in control. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

On the work front…..My affirmation has been: If the actions you are taking are not producing the results you want, then the only logical thing is more actions or different actions and the results WILL show up. What does that mean in real estate? Well, the past few months have been slower for me. I have clients that are ready to buy NOW but finding the house has become more challenging by the day! Inventory is so slim and prices are so high for what you get. What different or more actions am I committed to doing for my clients? I will not stop until we do find the house. I will stay on the phone daily searching and trying to open up the market so that I can reach the goal of helping 60 families make their dreams come true!

Thank you Brent and Saori Jones, Caitlyn Cooper, and Erica Engsberg for your referrals! Everyone set your calendar for October 13th for our annual Pumpkin Patch. Looking forward to connecting and as always SEND YOUR REFERRALS. We love and appreciate you!




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