Fall 2018 Update from Nina

That’s a wrap folks!  And just like that, Summer is over.  I have vowed that I will always have a summer beach vacation, unlike this year.  It just doesn’t feel complete without it. Not to mention my huge FOMO scrolling through Facebook looking at everyone’s lavish vacations!!!  While you were lying on the beach, I was busy working.

We are very excited about school this year.  Both kids really like their teachers.  Their sports are the same story, just different season!  Isaac is still playing baseball, and I am wildly encouraging him to try tennis or basketball.  Emery was playing softball again, but now she has a 4 hour Saturday practice in addition to her other 12 hours in the gym during the week. We’ve decided it’s just too much.  In addition, she is part of a TOPS group. Basically, all you need to know is it is strength and conditioning for gymnasts in a certain age group with a specific level of skill. She placed within the top 50 nationwide!  I don’t really know what it means, but it sure does sound good!








Now that Labor Day is behind us, I’m interested to see what will come of our market this Fall.  August is typically slower, and it was, with back to school and football season starting.  Not that there is a lack of buyers in the market; I think there is a lack of inventory.  Our buyers agents are pounding the pavement, uncovering unlisted and upcoming properties for our buyers to look at.  It is a team effort.  We need more houses to sell, so if you are thinking about moving, you have little competition in the market today than compared to the Spring market.  The statistics year to date even show that house sales across Atlanta are down compared to 2017 while the appreciation is up almost 7%.  Take advantage while the gettin’s good!


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