Fall 2018 Update from Madalyn

HAPPY FALL! I think the general consensus from people lately is that they are tired. I think we are all running ourselves ragged and maybe a little crazy. With that being said, what has the Suits Family and Team been doing?

All 4 kids are back to school. Lindsey is a Sophomore and turning 16. We just threw her a sweet 16 party. It was so much work that it felt like it almost killed me. Plus we got her a car (after weeks of looking and research). Best advice that I can give you is to start your kids driving early. Be creative and use a golf cart, parking lot, or anything that will prepare them for driving later on. Lindsey is playing varsity softball and travel soccer so she has a very busy schedule. Hunter is a Freshman and reluctantly running cross country. We are very proud of him for making this commitment. We are still battling with him constantly playing Fortnite. UGHHHH!

Abbey and Mallory just love going back to school. They are both playing travel soccer while Mallory is also playing softball at school and Murphey Candler. They are very focused on working around the house to earn money to save in their bank account. I love that they want to save!

Jeff and I do have some big news; we are building a house! We are just moving a little closer to the kid’s school. However, with all the rain it has pushed back our completion date from December to possibly February. So, we are experiencing what so many of our clients go through. We had our current home pre-inspected and have begun the long list of fixing all of “the stuff you know about and live with until you want to sell.” Then, there are the cosmetic issues that may deter some buyers so we need to fix those items as well prior to selling.

You all will find this funny. The builder said to me, “You will check on your home a lot won’t you?” I said “NO, I don’t have time for that. I am checking on our clients homes!”

Time for your real estate update. Interest rates are suspected to rise more this year and more next year. This will mean we will ultimately see a shift  which is ok. Inventory is growing in several areas which means prices begin to come down. Bottom line, your home must be priced right, in the right condition and have the best team marketing it to sell.

The Suits Team has added a vendor concierge as another service to our fabulous clients and referrals. Heather will be calling and reaching out to introduce herself to you. Don’t miss that!

We say all the time  that you can call us, ask us questions, or pick our brain. Don’t, in a weak moment, make a mistake and hire the wrong team to help you, your coworker, friend or neighbor buy or sell a home.  The Suits Team truly cares about you and your life. You are part of the family. We are here to help, always! Make sure you like us on Facebook and Instagram; you don’t want to miss when we do a giveaway for some fall football or other fun things!




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