It’s getting to be that time of year, spring and summer are upon us! With the scorching Georgia heat on the way, its time to get that pool up and ready. Here are some great trends to upgrade your pool for a kick-back summer at home!

1.) Saltwater Chlorination

Many homeowners with pools are making the switch from chlorinated pools to saltwater pools. Chlorine is a powerful chemical that can irritate the skin and hair. It can also leave a horrendous after smell when you’re through taking a dip. Saltwater, on the other hand, is a lot milder. Saltwater sanitation is a natural sanitation process, and it leaves the water just as clean. The cost of upkeeping a saltwater pool is also less expensive. Easier maintenance, less irritation, and more cost friendly- I think the choice is very clear with this trend.

2.) LED Mood Lighting

Adding some playful lights to your pool will really add some pops of color to your backyard. Be as creative as you want with this, there are even lights that you can adjust the settings of the color and how often the color changes. Luckily, they can be found almost anywhere, from your local pool supply store to Amazon online. Wheather you line your pool with lights or you hang them above the pool, these LED lights can enhance or stimulate your mood when you’re having company over for a night swim. It’s a party in your pool!

3.) Cool Tile Mosaics

If your pool is looking a little lackluster, here is another easy fix. Adding some tile mosaics to your pool can give it that gorgeous look you’ve seen at high-end beach resorts. You can choose anything from glass tiles to porcelain tiles to enhance the appearance of your pool. You can install them at the bottom of the pool, or around the outskirts of the concrete to match it to your patio furniture. Creating a mosaic centerpiece would also really make it unique. Try and aim for cool or earthy tones to really give it a cozy, relaxing feel. Treat yourself to your own backyard pool retreat this summer!