Needing some inspo to revamp your kitchen? Here are some great 2018 kitchen trends that can help you add some spunk to yours!

1.) Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are luxurious and elegant. With less upkeep than typical granite countertops, it also tends to be sturdier and resists staining as well. Adding quartz countertops to your kitchen will give it a contemporary, but sophisticated feel. It also matches a plethora of color schemes. Be creative, there is truly no style that quartz countertops can’t match!



2.) Cement Floors

Cement floors- a strange concept, I know. BUT, its low-cost and durable. You can also add etching techniques to spice it up for a new design. It’s another modern feature that can really jazz up your kitchen space and its long lasting!


3.) Black Fixtures

Adding black fixtures your kitchen will add an amazing contrast, especially with wood elements. This will give your kitchen an alternative feel and won’t look as tiring as your stainless steel appliances. Plus, black looks good with EVERYTHING!

4.) Rustic Lighting Fixtures

Incorporating rustic lighting fixtures in your kitchen could really be an attention-getter. By hanging these over island countertops, not only do you draw focus to the center of your kitchen, but you will also highlight your other features. This ambient lighting will create a cozy kitchen atmosphere either day and night and will be the perfect hangout while cooking with your friends or family.

5.) “Smart” Appliances

It’s no surprise that in 2018 people are all about technology. Within the past few years, home buyers are wanting to see more “smart” kitchens. In layman’s terms, kitchens that possess Internet or Bluetooth-enabled devices. Some of these devices include Samsung’s Smart Refridgerator or built-in wall IHome systems. With these appliances, you can play music, scan grocery items, listen to Ebooks, etc. all while cooking or cleaning your kitchen. This might not be the most ideal kitchen trend, but they may pay off in the long run if you decide to invest in one. It might also keep you sane in the midst of hectic family schedules. Amazon’s “Alexa” could also be a good alternative.