Love them or not, cyclists pervade our streets with or without the designated bike lanes.  To “share the road” intelligently familiarize yourself with the Georgia Bicycle Traffic Law.  Some of the main points are:




 According to Bicycle Georgia’s website, “Georgia has a number of recreational trails and shared use paths throughout the state that are built to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorized users; such as The Silver Comet Trail.  Georgia Code does not specifically regulate the use of such paths, however it does specify that shared use paths must meet the minimum accepted design guidelines set forth by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials  (AASHTO). Shared use paths, require similar etiquette as would be used on the road. Users should yield to pedestrians on foot and keep to the right so as to allow other users to pass on the left. All signs and markings should be obeyed and users should pull off to the side of the path if they intend to stop.”

 The Georgia Bike Sense guide is available from GDOT and provides additional information on how path users — cyclists, walkers and others — can safely share the space.

Enjoy your ride!

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