Another favorite Atlanta neighborhood! Located 2.5 miles from downtown, its surrounded by the subdivisions of Inman Park, Candler Park, Kirkwood, and Poncey-Highland. Little Five is especially known for its hipster-indie feel. Its filled with vintage clothing shops, jazzy restaurants, street musicians, and incredible wall murals. Its unique culture can appeal to almost anyone, especially for art and music lovers. For a unique Atlanta experience, take a walk on the funky side of the neighborhood.



History of the Neighborhood

Little Five Points (also known as L5P) also has a similar history to Virginia Highlands. It started as a streetcar city around 1920, with the neighborhood being named after an intersection where 5 streets met. It became popular quickly, with families and businessmen constantly wandering the downtown streets on weekends. It was so appealing to families and couples because it was much cheaper to live there than it was to live anywhere else in the city. As the city of Atlanta grew, the curb appeal no longer lingered in L5P. Once the 1960’s came around, families began moving away from downtown. With the decline of customers, the local grocery stores and barbershops were transformed into strange antique and clothing shops. Towards the 80’s, hippies and younger adults started moving back to the area, living in simple bungalows. These groups of people wanted to live in a neighborhood that accepted music, art, and diversity. Since then, that is exactly what the neighborhood still embodies. Today, Little Five Points is considered the bohemian center of the south and it continues to celebrate its creative foundation.




Common Architectural Styles

As there are not as many houses in L5P, the few that are there are often old Victorian style homes. Bungalows are included as well. In the 20’s, this was the most common style and was also the easiest accommodation for families at the time. In more recent years, there have been more apartment complexes and lofts available in the neighborhood. This attracts mostly young singles to the area. L5P apartments are often very diverse, with weathered wooden floors and bright interior paint colors. It reflects the vibe of the entire neighborhood. The downtown area, in addition, is filled with shops, restaurants, and theatres, designed much like a strip mall would be. Urban wall murals on the sides of the buildings will really make you stop in awe of how unique this district is.



Things to Do

This neighborhood probably has the most unique events in the city. As you can probably guess, most of these events pertain to art and music. The 7 Stages Theatre downtown offers a range of quirky shows each month, while the Variety Playhouse hosts a ton of concerts to small acoustic artists. You can take a visit to the famous alternative superstore, the Junkman’s Daughter, selling all kinds of decorations and costumes. You will not find a store like this anywhere else in the states, guaranteed! Some of Little Five Point’s festivals include its extended art festival, which runs every weekend from April to November. Art vendors come out with tents and tables each weekend for locals to come shop. You can find jewelry, home decor, pottery, almost anything you can think of. However, the most known event at L5P is its annual Halloween parade. Eclectic costumes, live music, and great food AND its family friendly! There is no better way to get into the Halloween spirit! If you can’t make it to any of these events, even just taking a day to walk around is an adventure in itself and you will not be disappointed!



Restaurants to Visit

Here are some great restaurants in the neighborhood: